About Us

STEELMET NOVATECH is proud to present to you through the following pages on the range of precision laboratory shakers manufactured indigenously. Each shaker is rugged, with Patented and Patent Pending technology, designed to run 24 hours a day, for years together with the least requirement for maintenance and hardly any replacement of parts. Reasonably priced and an excellent after sales service.

Cell multiplication is a pre-requisite in research and industry. Biological shakers provide the simplest means to multiple cells, under desired nutritional and environmental conditions to reach levels from whence the biomass developed can be used per se as in research or transferred to fermenters for high volumes of the produce. Thus laboratory shakers come in handy in various fields of biological sciences such as Microbiology, Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Molecular Genetics, Life Sciences & Environmental Science and practically any field dealing with cell study, its growth and multiplication.

STEELMET strives to provide to each of its customers satisfactory, reliable and custom-built shakers, from small portable types to large industrial single and multi-tier shakers and temperature controlled environmental shakers, doing away the need to look for imported ones. We use self-developed and patented rotary shaking mechanism with 'Patented & Patent pending' with robust designs, best-suited for Indian operating condistions.

The following pages describe the range of shaking machines produced by us, each with technical details, helping you to choose the most appropriate one for the lifetime of use. Leading laboratories in India prefer STEELMET Shakers.

We reserve the right to change specification or design without prior notice.